Kingdom family & corporate meetings

OFBA is establishing a Kingdom led “port of trade” that flows with transparency for His people to build businesses and a global community that promotes Heaven’s language and culture and expands the Father’s Kingdom values out across the globe. Choose from the levels of membership outlined below.

To sign up you must first agree to the OFBA Statement of Faith & Protocol

We invite you to be family in Christ with us ... Read allWe invite you to be family in Christ with us as we embrace the love, joy and harmony of Jesus (Yeshua), the only begotten Son of God, who was born of a virgin, lived on earth, fully man and fully God, died on a cross as our blood sacrifice, atoning for us before the Father and was raised to life, showing us the way both now and throughout eternity. The Word of the Lord remains and even though we may have different interpretations and expressions of it, we agree to avoid argument about those differences, but instead embrace the spirit of righteousness, joy, peace and good will towards one another within this faith-based business community.

We each engage with the members of this global web-based community known as Our Father’s Business Alliance, taking responsibility for any actions we take, and agree to hold the company and members including group leaders and Master Class leaders harmless in the face of any burden, loss or damage resulting from our decisions, following information, advice or opinions given.

We understand that any business engagements we enter into with anyone listed in the directory, as customer or service provider, are our own responsibility and OFBA and supporting agents cannot take any responsibility for any experience we have with anyone found in the OFBA directory.

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Global community

Global Kingdom Family

Community membership will bring you into the buzzing hub of Our Father’s Business Alliance Kingdom family. Community members have Zoom access to corporate engagements such as Q&A meetings, interviews and leader discussions. You can also join the member social scene and get news, views and updates.

online training

Master Class Training

Master Class training comes to us from a range of leaders with varying business insights and experience on many subjects of interest that will give food for thought as well as practical insight. Each leader has their own discussion room for you to connect and follow up on areas that inspire you.

team at work

Business Relational Support

Business relational support is structured in the form of Alliance Harbours, which are network groups at varying levels of business experience. Whether you have run your own business for years, or you don’t even know which business platform is right for you, there is a safe harbour to walk out your hopes and questions.

Promote Heaven’s language and culture and become a participant of the Father’s Kingdom values across the globe.

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Marketplace Directory

OFBA business directory is a growing marketplace that carries your business service, product or expertise, professionally presented just as you set it up in your business profile. When customers search for any arena that appears in your profile, your video or product image will be among their selection options.

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