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June 18–19

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Ian Clayton
Matthew Nagy
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Our Father's Business–

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Global Arc

April 25th-4pm EST

The Perception Conundrum
What Message Are You Giving Out?

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Experience a business community–
training you with a growth mindset

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Meet companies that care about you and
believe in the power of a global community
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Who is OFBA?

Our Father’s Business Alliance is a virtual business world made up from believers in excellence, integrity, honour and transparency. We are delighted that you are searching our directory of services, products and expertise and we hope you find exactly what you’re looking for!




Explore Global Markets

Explore the services, products and expertise you are looking for, far outside of your standard options, step into the global marketplace and let the richness of diversity from the continents of the world come to you.


Service with Integrity

Connect with service providers who trade with integrity and are committed to transparent communication. Buy from people who relate to you and think through your goals with you to produce excellence.


Envision a ‘New Normal’

We are ready to fulfil your business requirements in new and visionary ways. Expand your vision and unlock your standard ‘business as usual’ with witty ideas. Find the ‘new normal’ you have been waiting to step into.

Explore our directory and see why others are benefiting from OFBA

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Are you interested in business training & relationship building?

Looking for a place to brainstorm your business ideas or the challenges you’ve been experiencing? Membership of Our Father’s Business Alliance offers believers Master Class training in a range of business aspects, relational support and relationship building.

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