We Use Our Experience To Create Yours! Discover the “Over 50's Method” to Developing Successful Online Business Concepts and much more...

Since the 1990s, how people spend their time during their "Golden Years" has changed drastically. And as more and more of us "Baby Boomers" reach retirement age, a new class of entrepreneur has emerged: the Seniorpreneur.

Seniorpreneurs are defined as self-employed individuals who are aged 55 and older. The number of entrepreneurs that fall into this category has tripled over the last two decades.

What's more, the growth of self-employed people in our age group has significantly outpaced the growth of self-employed individuals in other age groups.

Today, becoming a Seniorpreneur can often be an opportunity to vault your personal passion into a viable business. And being a business owner in this age group, I have found that it has a number of distinct advantages.

I am dedicated to helping those over 50 with an opportunity to grow personally, achieve significant financial objectives and contribute to the lives and successes of others.

Successful businesses are run by highly productive and focused people with strong work ethic and good habits. Become one of them.

At EricCooper.com you will Discover Successful Online Business Concepts Designed For Adults Over 55.

There comes a time in your life when you either make a choice to retire or get pushed out of the workforce against your will.

Many over the age of 55 find themselves at a loss to seek gainful employment as they get older. It can be a bit daunting for a senior or a retiree to start an online business if this is new to them.

There’s great news for men and women over 55 who want to increase their income and do something they love on a schedule carved out to fit their needs - The Seniorpreneur.

Let our experience help you with your new online business!

Come join me today,

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We Use Our Experience To Create Yours - Discover Online Business Ideas For Adults Over 55


If you are over 50 – this is for you! This is for Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Speakers, Teachers, blue collar workers, homemakers or anyone looking at retirement or currently retired. The way we are use to doing busy, working or even the face to face model is making way for the revolutionary new way of adding value to people’s lives.

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