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Standard Ticket -This ticket is for in-person access to all 3 days of Union conference in Orlando, Florida, as well as the recording links. Accommodation and food not included.


Group Standard Ticket This ticket is for 2 individuals – with the option to add $50 for each additional individual up to 4 total per Group.

Invite a friend, spouse, family member or join with others who would like to attend. This ticket includes in-person access to all 3 days of Union conference in Orlando, Florida, as well as the recording links. Accommodation and food not included.


Standard Livestream This ticket is for 3 days of Livestream access to all teaching sessions at Union conference in Orlando, Florida, as well as recording links.

$150.00 – Vendor Display – Includes a table where you will be able to display and sell your products or services at the Union conference.

$75.00 Advertising Poster PackageIncludes a static flyer advertisement you provide, or we can help design for an additional fee, which will be displayed throughout the Union 3-day conference in Orlando, Florida and through Livestream.

$125.00 Advertising Video PackageIncludes a video advertisement you provide, or we can help design for an additional fee, which will be displayed throughout the Union 3-day conference in Orlando, Florida and through Livestream.


Ian Clayton

Ian Clayton is an international speaker, business man and author. Ian brings keys & insights Yahweh is giving us as sons, employers or business owners, to equip us in operating from dual dimensions of Kingdom government as written on our scrolls. He will encourage us to rise into our seat of government for our business, operating in Heaven’s strategies in the emerging global market place.

Marios Ellinas

Marios grew up on the island of Cyprus, where he served as a Green Beret in the Cypriot Special Forces. He studied history at the College of New Jersey and the University of Connecticut. Marios is known internationally as a motivational speaker, leadership consultant, and author. He has published numerous inspirational books, including the best-sellers Weaponized Honor and Tables & Platforms; as well as two international suspense thrillers, The Trade (2016) and The Cargo (2017). Marios’s increasing influence in the realms of business and government has also led him to the establishment of a consulting firm, Sownlend LLC (2018).

Mark Wilburn

Mark, along with his wife Kate, is the owner and operator of NEOS Capital Development Group, and partnering businesses. The central focus of NEOS is to provide financial education that empowers people to understand and engage the financial markets with greater confidence in order to grow their money and create a legacy for their family. Mark has two Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Real Estate and over 12 years experience as a trading consultant and trainer. At NEOS, he is the head trainer and empowers people by taking them from a baseline knowledge level and gives them tools, strategies, understanding, and confidence to, potentially, be able to become a successful trader themselves. Mark is a speaker and has authored a book, “Understanding the Matthew Effect”, that breaches the borders of “finance” and addresses economic laws that have been coded into creation itself. He currently resides in Lindale, TX with his wife and 4 sons, Maverick, Blaze, Phoenix, and baby Zephaniah.

Teresa Bowen

Teresa is from Gates of Zion in Alabama, where she has ministered for two decades.  She is passionate to see people apply their hearts to understanding and begin to walk in the light of revelation as mature sons. 
Reminding you to breathe, laugh, rejoice and dance in Yahweh as this is your strength.

Matthew Nagy

Matthew Nagy is a Kingdom businessman, co-leader of Glory Company, entrepreneur, professional speaker, worship leader, podcaster and blogger. He has been walking with the Father in business for over 10 years, with several successful businesses and experience to share.

Dr. Andre Young Snell, M.B.B.S.

Dr. Young-Snell will be leading a health summit session at the Union conference. He qualified in conventional medicine over twenty five years ago. He trained at Guy’s Hospital Medical School in London and spent much of his NHS career in elderly medicine with a particular interest in Parkinson’s Disease.

After much deliberation, he decided to set up The Vision of Hope Clinic in Brighton in 2002  so he could concentrate on helping patients using  Integrative Medicine. Throughout his career as a ‘conventional’ doctor he ran clinics and deciphered and coordinated patient management. He prides himself on his unique personality,openness  and patient rapport. Keeping up to date by attending cutting edge Integrative Medicine conferences in the UK and USA.

Alongside his medical experience and knowledge he is very much into the use of goal setting and helping patients to achieve a much greater positive mental outlook as part of their management.

Daniel Jedidiah Cook

Daniel Jedidiah Cook teaches on secrets in the Hebrew Aleph-beit that brings the glory and an open heaven in a whole new way of thinking. Daniel currently teaches “The School of The Living Letters” and “Mystic Science” Worldwide and is a Consulting Partner for 28 Lions, Inc.

Stella Payton

Stella Payton is a seasoned 30-year executive with vast experience in Corporate Consulting and has been effective in equipping and empowering others in entertainment, media, education, religion, corporate, family and government spheres. As CEO of Making People Priority Consulting Group, she worked with Apple Computer, Nordstrom, AMERICORP/VISTA, P-B Health Home Care Agency Inc., City of Los Angeles, Head Start, KCET LA, TurboTax, and others. Stella is founder of the online community the Chayil Circle-an online community of over 500 member business leaders and entrepreneurs who work to accomplish personal and business targets through Mastermind groups and training. She is creator of the Customer Service Academy ™ and THINK TANK™ Jr. Entrepreneurs Academy in Memphis, TN in partnership with KIPP Charter Schools. Stella is a graduate of Patricia King’s Women in Ministry Internship. She also completed the Making the Impossible Possible™ Business Acceleration Certification School with Global Business Leader, Ingrid Vanderveldt. She has authored over a dozen books. Past titles include A Word in Season, Accessing the Windows of Heaven, Life Style Evangelism, and Customers Are People Too! New releases include Becoming Chayil – Using Ancient Wisdom, the Chayil Woman – the Virtuous Woman Revealed and She Lives by the River 3 bible studies about Proverbs 31:10-31.

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