Living well without costing the earth

Cultivate Life is a lifestyle blog that covers ways to eat well without costing the earth. Yuki believes that connecting through nature with its vast providence can be a rewarding way to do life.
A cultivated life. Yuki is passionate about all things relating to healthy eating, eco-living, and money-saving.

Yuki heads up a community in her Facebook Group - Cultivate Life.
She is available to hold talks on foraging, holds workshops on brewing kombucha and other fermented foods. Yuki previously organized 'Green' events in business and industry sectors where she engaged with teams on how to live more sustainably in their everyday life.

Whilst currently studying to be a healthy eating adviser, Yuki has launched her first book on the benefits of foraging and preparing wild foods called 'Forager's Notebook'.
This is available on Amazon link;


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Wellness Events, Speaking, writing & blogging. Sustainability and healthy eating projects.

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