Guided meditations for babies, children and adults

Cadence – a balanced, rhythmic flow – was something we began to feel was needed within our very own beings as we entered the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020. Instead of engaging with the chaos of the world around us, we began to engage with the frequency of Yahweh within us. Through engaging with and aligning ourselves to the frequency of Heaven, Cadence Mystical Meditation was born. We offer downloadable guided meditations for babies, children and adults.

Our heart, through these meditations, is to help you align your frequency with that of Heaven’s. To connect your breath and spirit with the Spirit of Yahweh, Ruach Hakodesh. To engage with Peace, Joy, Love and the Goodness of Yahweh. We trust that these meditations will lead you and your children into the beautiful mysteries of Yahweh.

We are Melanie Nieuwenhuis and Jenna Gouws from Durban, South Africa.

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