Frequency Healing Modalities

Licensed BioEnergetic Practitioner using several modalities, including but not limited to, Biofeedback, NES Health, MiHealth (Frequency Healing PEMF Device), BioMeridian (used to create frequency healing supplements), Low Level LED Light Therapy, Frequency Healing Music, Frequency Healing Jewelry, Aqua Tune (water bottle that structures water which includes imbedded healing frequencies).

InLight LED Healing Lights


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  • Healing Wholeness
  • Music
  • Water Life Enhancement


Frequency Jewelry, Aqua Tune Water Bottles (structures water and has imbedded frequencies), InLight Medical Devices, MiHealth (Frequency Healing PEMF Device), Herbal and Frequency Supplements, Frequency Healing Music CDS


Biofeedback, NES Health, BioMeridian, Sound Baths, Light Therapy

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ARP Health Systems



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