Statement of Faith & Protocol

We invite you to be family in Christ with us as we embrace the love, joy and harmony of Jesus (Yeshua), the only begotten Son of God, who was born of a virgin, lived on earth, fully man and fully God, died on a cross as our blood sacrifice, atoning for us before the Father and was raised to life, showing us the way both now and throughout eternity. 

The Word of the Lord remains and even though we may have different interpretations and expressions of it, we agree to avoid argument about those differences, but instead embrace the spirit of righteousness, joy, peace and good will towards one another within this faith-based business community.

We each engage with the members of this global web-based community known as Our Father’s Business Alliance, taking responsibility for any actions we take, and agree to hold the company and members including group leaders and Master Class leaders harmless in the face of any burden, loss or damage resulting from our decisions, following information, advice or opinions given. We understand that any business engagements we enter into with anyone listed in the directory, as customer or service provider, are our own responsibility and OFBA and supporting agents cannot take any responsibility for any experience we have with anyone found in the OFBA directory.

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Terms of Service

By browsing the directory or clicking to search you are agreeing to our terms of service, indemnifying Our Father's Business Alliance and associated team from any responsibility for the services given by business providers listed in this directory. When you, as a directory user, contact anyone found on this directory listing, all transactions following are deemed private engagements between you and those service providers, and use of services are at your own risk. We advise that you research thoroughly and get a clear understanding from any service provider before you proceed, as we cannot take any responsibility for transactions undertaken between you and any party you contact. 

Our Father’s Business Alliance Directory offers various third-party listings of products, services, and expertise, as described by the providers of such, for the purpose of exchange of goods, services, expertise, advice, or information for payment. Our Father’s Business Alliance (OFBA) takes statements of service, made by service providers, in good faith. OFBA is unable to take any responsibility for perceived discrepancies between products, services and expertise offered and any experience customers have in engaging with service providers.  

Any action users decide to take, including seeking refunds, or other restitution, must be carried out as a private engagement between yourself and the service provider concerned. OFBA, or any subsidiary or parent company or individual associated with OFBA, cannot enter into arbitrating disagreements between service providers and users. Nor will OFBA give or receive any monies for services, introductions, refunds, legal disputes, or any other action taken. 

In searching this directory, you are agreeing to hold OFBA and associated team, leaders and teachers harmless in the event of any losses, burdens, upset or other disagreements that arise; all such engagements being deemed as private interactions between yourself and any service providers you engage with.