What are Alliance Harbours?

OFBA Alliance Harbours are groups made up of aspiring, new and experienced business owners looking for insight from ears willing to hear their concerns, and inspire new ideas. These inspirational live Zoom sessions are complimentary with your current OFBA membership subscription.

Four different levels of expertise

Level 1 – Pre-Business: for entrepreneurs that haven’t started a business yet but are interested in launching a new venture

Level 2 – New Business: for entrepreneurs that have recently started a business in the past year and are desiring more expertise

Level 3 – Growing Business: for experienced leaders that have been growing their business for a few years and looking for expertise in getting greater growth or overcoming challenges that keep their business stuck in a reoccurring rut

Level 4 – Experienced Business: for expert leaders managing a full-time business looking to network with other experienced business owners to brainstorm ideas, troubleshoot problems, and tackle common challenges experienced by mature business

Weekly Meetings

Each weekly group session lasts about an hour long where experienced business mentors facilitate healthy and intimate discussions—a safe space where member participation is welcome and encouraged. We can help you find the Harbour Group that’s just right for you.

Interested in dropping into one of our weekly OFBA Alliance Harbours?

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Tuesdays with Paul Ferrante

10 am PT, 1 pm ET, 6 pm UK, 7 pm EU/SAfrica (Wednesdays at 1 am SGP, 3 am Melbourne, 5 am NZ)

Wednesdays with Kara Duncan-Hewitt

2:30 am PT, 5:30 am ET, 10:30 am UK, 11:30 am EU/SAfrica, 5:30 pm SGP, 7:30 pm Melbourne, 9:30 pm NZ

Saturdays with Jeff Domansky

8 am PT, 11 am ET, 4 pm UK, 5 pm EU/SAfrica, 11 pm SGP (Sundays at 1 am Melbourne, 3 am NZ)