Family hangout in His heavenly bliss!


This ticket is for access to the recordings of the Face to Face retreat in Orlando, Florida – June 3rd & 4th. No refunds.


Timothy Bence

Timothy Bence is a mighty man of God and an international speaker. He is truly a man called to address deep things and a father in the faith. You will be moved by his radical experiences with Jesus Christ, angels, and other realms. You will marvel as you learn about the character and personality of God as it is revealed through the encounters that Tim recounts. His love for Yahweh is so sincere and contagious!

Bralynn Newby

Bralynn Newby believes we each have a message and a mission to share it. She has a passion for helping coaches, consultants and speakers sell their knowledge rather than their time, and implement systems and structure to build their business around their message. Bralynn gives clarity and a firm foundation to Discover, Create and Deliver your message with power and passion to serve more people and make a bigger difference.

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